Switch Cloud and The Education Scene have teamed up on Learning Central to revolutionise e-learning. The collaboration leverages the strengths of each company to offer a comprehensive suite of services and a holistic approach to e-learning solutions.


The Education Scene uses innovative e-learning solutions and expert teams to revolutionise the future of learning for organisations.

Empowering Academic Institutions for Digital Excellence

The Education Scene is your trusted partner in modernising academic institutions holistically for the future in this rapidly growing digital era. Our meticulously crafted services are tailored to guide academic institution managers in enhancing their offerings and seamlessly transitioning to online course delivery supported by digital solutions while upholding rigorous quality assurance standards.

At our core, we specialise in crafting strategic growth pathways for your institution. Our prowess shines in the development of cutting-edge Learner Management Systems, particularly with expertise in Moodle, Blackboard and online platforms. From conceptualisation to execution, our seamless setup process paves the way for your institution’s digital transformation.

Our mission goes beyond mere system development. We’re dedicated to empowerment. Through comprehensive training, we capacitate your staff to adeptly navigate and manage these online systems, fostering an enduring cycle of self-sustained success. Our in-depth understanding of quality council requirements on both local and international levels guarantees that your institution will not only meet but surpass the stringent benchmarks of educational excellence.

Unveil a world of expertise with our team of subject matter experts, each seasoned in their respective domains. Whether your focus is on the realm of further education and training or the elevated heights of higher education, our meticulously designed content caters to both areas of specialisation.

Rest assured, our content creation adheres diligently to the exacting standards set by quality councils. We’re here to seamlessly weave educational excellence into every facet of your online learning journey. Let’s join forces to shape impactful learning experiences that transcend boundaries and expectations!

Experience the power of tailored guidance as we assess your end-to-end current solutions and chart a transformative path forward. Our consultation service is designed to evaluate your existing setup, ensuring you’re equipped with pragmatic strategies to kickstart or elevate your journey. Let’s collaborate to ignite your progress today!

What to Expect from Learning Central

Empowering Minds through Cutting-edge E-learning Solutions.

Tailored Strategies

We provide personalised consultation to design effective e-learning strategies that deliver outstanding results.

Ongoing Support

We are experts in Moodle LMS development, customisation, integration, and support to optimise your online learning experience.

Engaging Content

Get immersive e-learning content by our professionals. Our courses include interactive modules and multimedia to enhance retention, engagement and skill development.

Innovative Technologies

We integrate AI, gamification, and mobile learning to enhance e-learning and keep you ahead in the evolving world of online education.

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Hours of hands-on learning in our courses

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The Ratio of Theory and Practice in Each Course

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We teach people from 4 continents and over 40 countries

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Switch Cloud


Switch Cloud innovates online learning with Moodle and LMS solutions. Our team brings expertise in technology and education to enable businesses and institutions with seamless e-learning tools.

E-Learning Platform Development

We specialise in creating dynamic e-learning platforms powered by Moodle and other LMS systems. Our experts craft intuitive interfaces and robust functionalities that enable efficient content delivery and engaging learning interactions.

Tailoring LMS solutions to your unique needs, we ensure your platform aligns perfectly with your goals. We customise features, layouts, and functionalities to create an optimal virtual learning environment.

Beyond development, we provide ongoing support and maintenance for e-learning platforms. Our team assists in managing content, troubleshooting technical issues, and ensuring smooth operation.

Seamlessly integrate e-learning platforms with existing systems, ensuring a unified and cohesive learning experience. We connect your tools, databases, and resources to maximize efficiency.

We offer comprehensive training sessions and expert consultation to equip educators and administrators with the skills to effectively manage and utilise e-learning platforms.

Looking to transition from traditional learning methods to digital platforms? We facilitate smooth migrations, ensuring your valuable content is seamlessly transferred to the digital realm.

We understand that every organisation’s needs are unique. Our team collaborates closely with you to develop tailor-made solutions that address specific challenges and objectives.

Online Events are Amazing Opportunities to Have Fun and Learn

Explore our enriching online events, including webinars, workshops, and conferences, tailored to complement our comprehensive e-learning services. Engage with our e-learning specialists and stay updated on the latest trends and innovations. Join us to experience transformative e-learning solutions that empower educators, corporate clients, and individual learners alike.

Most Popular Events


03:50 PM

Introduction to Moodle

Hosted by: Switch Cloud


05:20 PM

Hands on: Python - Free Workshop

Prepare for: Lora Hill


03:10 PM

An Introduction to Coding with Code

Prepare for: Lora Hill


01:10 PM

Learn to Code Online Taster Workshop

Prepare for: Lora Hill
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