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Security Awareness - Fundamentals

Security Awareness – Fundamentals

40 Minutes

Upcoming Course

Security Awareness – How to protect your data.

Learn how to keep your digital life secure with this self-paced course to empower you with the knowledge and tools to defend against cyber threats. From password best practices to recognising phishing attempts, we’ve got you covered. You can go at your own pace and learn how to take control of your online safety today.




Expert Solutions designed for …

Educational Institutions

We customise e-learning solutions for schools and universities, offering Moodle LMS development and support, curriculum consultation and engaging course content.

Corporate Organisations

Our e-learning services align training with objectives, offer secure training delivery through our Moodle LMS, and develop custom modules to improve workforce skills for businesses.

Non-profit Organisations

We offer non-profits consultation, Moodle LMS development and content development for cost-effective training, awareness campaigns and educational materials.

Individual Educators/trainers

We assist educators and trainers in creating custom online courses using e-learning consultation, Moodle LMS development, and engaging course materials.

The Learning Central team has exceptional technical skills to cater for your learning needs.

LMS Customisation & Design

From personalised user interfaces to feature-rich functionality, we ensure a seamless and efficient e-learning platform that aligns perfectly with your learning goals.

Multimedia Content Creation

We create engaging multimedia learning content with interactive videos, animations, and simulations that leave a lasting impact on learners.

Instructional Design Expertise

We use pedagogical principles to create engaging courses that align learning objectives with activities, assessments, and resources for optimal knowledge retention and application.

e-Learning Technology Integration

We incorporate new e-learning technologies like AI, gamification, and mobile learning to improve your learning experience.

HBM Edu Tech has partnered with Switch Cloud since 2017.   Never let us down, never hesitated to assist if possible.   Always a pleasure to work with Alan and team.

Dr Herman Moolman
Managing Director HBM Edu Tech

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